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[Download] Piece - Episode 07 HQ

Download: 001 / 002

Credits: CB  / CherrycheekedLove

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  1. thank u so much for share this drama ^^ <3

  2. Hello.,.
    This is my first time make a comment after downloaded alot of ur post.,.
    Sorry for that.,.
    *deep bow..,.

    thank u so much for sharing all of great posts, u help me alot with all those links.,.

    but., sorry.,. i just, wanna tell u something.,., i hope u wouldn't mind, it's about piece dorama, i downloaded ur links, and those piece dorama #5 and #7 somehow, it's error at da last part.,.,
    only could hear da voice, but da vid doesn't move.,.
    idk why, but it's becoming into 5 hours video.,
    can u help me??

    1. what program you use to join the parts? :s
      do not understand why you get error... you've tried to download it again?

    2. i'm using FILE SPLITTER AND JOINER(FFSJ V3.3) to join da parts, and actually i have no problem with other episodes of piece dorama, and also TakaChii's J's Journey has no problem either, only ep. 5 and ep.7 of piece dorama that becoming 5 hours duration vids and it's error after about 16 minutes of playing.,. :'(

      no, not yet try to download it again, i'll try to download it one more time, hope it's gonna work,,.. ^_^

      sorry for confusing u.,., *bow

  3. thank u so much for share ^^ <3


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